There have been countless examples of nursing home abuse in the news here in Florida and elsewhere in recent years. None more tragic than the 13 deaths at the Hollywood Hills facility during Hurricane Irma. Before and after that tragedy there has been serious concern about the safety and welfare of loved ones in nursing homes. So it is no surprise that some family members have taken using hidden cameras to protect loved ones or check on the care that they are receiving from staff.

Unlike many states, Florida allows the use of hidden cameras to monitor the care of the elderly. Well-intentioned loved ones can install a so-called “granny cam” and the courts will allow it as evidence as long as it is listed as such ahead of time — they must be careful because it could also lead to other unwanted legal issues. While this is strong evidence, loved ones can do due diligence on their own to see if their parents are well cared for.

Common clues for potential problems include:

  • Unexplained bruising
  • Change in behavior, particularly if it turns aggressive
  • Unexplained or unusual charges to credit cards or bank accounts
  • Bedsores or lack of basic grooming
  • Dirty living space that may include old dishes piled up

Any of these clues should prompt a concerned loved one to speak with management about the quality of the care that their loved ones are receiving. If the answers are unsatisfactory, it may be necessary to use a granny cam and pursue legal action that involves medical malpractice and elderly abuse. An attorney with experience in this area of law can be a tremendous asset in helping to resolve these disputes and seek damages if there has been injuries, abuse or even death.