When you place your loved one in a nursing home or other assisted living facility in Florida, you should have confidence that they will be cared for. There should be no fear about your loved one being mistreated or abused, but the reality is that sexual, emotional, financial and physical abuse is all too common in nursing homes throughout the country. According to the last census report and the Nursing Home Abuse Center, it is estimated that 20% of Americans will be at least 65 years of age by the year 2050, signifying a large increase in those who need live-in help or who need to be moved to a facility.

The center also states that those who are older are more likely to be abused. One in 10 older individuals and about four to 10% of older people dealt with some type of abuse within a year of being cared for by another. The staggering statistic is that only one in every 14 cases is reported to authorities, meaning there are many elderly patients who still suffer from abuse.

The main complaints about nursing homes are abuse, neglect and exploitation and the center states that almost 50 percent of those living in homes had suffered some type of abuse. Most complained they had been neglected by a caregiver, whether that be a family member, hired help or employees of a facility.

The impact of abuse is startling, as those who are abused are more likely to die by 300% than those who are not. Psychological distress and elevated stress levels are common in elderly victims of abuse. Those most at risk are those who have bone problems, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, joint problems, cardiovascular problems and digestive problems.

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