Drunk or otherwise impaired driving is a huge problem here in Florida and across the United States. Many people are unaware of how deadly the problem can be. For instance, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, almost 30 people die per day in drunk-driving related automobile accidents. Preventing drunk driving can go a long way toward making our roads much safer and preventing accidents.

First, if you ever see a car that you suspect is being controlled by an inebriated driver, make sure to try and get the license plate number and note any other identifying marks on the car. Then, call 911 and report the license plate number, identifying features of the car or driver, and try to give a general estimate of where you are and where you suspect the drunk driver is headed.  You do want to try and get as much information as possible to help out law enforcement, but make sure that you keep yourself out of danger while doing so.

Preventing drunk driving often starts at home. Particularly if you have young drivers in your house, it is important to have a serious conversation about inebriated and otherwise distracted driving and never engage in the behavior yourself. Remember that “buzzed” driving is drunk driving and if you have had too many, call a taxi or other rideshare service.

The penalties for drunk driving in Florida are severe, even outside of the chance you might take somebody’s life. Ensuring that you do everything you can to prevent drunk driving and never driving impaired yourself goes a long way toward making Florida a safer place to be.