Any injury you may sustain due to an accident or negligence in Florida seems serious to you at the time. Even a minor injury can cause disruption in your life. However, there are some injuries that fall under the category of catastrophic. These injuries, according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, is any injury that causes extreme injury that is debilitating and puts a person’s life at risk in the short or long term.

Such injuries may include neck or head injuries, heatstroke, injuries causing permanent disability, injuries causing temporary or permanent paralysis and cardiac injuries. They must be traumatic in nature where they impact you severely. They also can cause systemic failure.

A catastrophic injury will drastically change your life, even if only for the short term. It is something that is more than a simple scrap, bump or broken bone. You will likely have other areas of your life impacted by the injury.

It is important to understand a catastrophic injury because if it results from an accident, for example, you will need to figure out the long-term effects and how it will impact your life moving forward to hold the guilty party accountable. This can be tricky since it is often difficult to determine exactly what will happen with some injuries, such as brain injuries. However, if you can narrow down that it is catastrophic in nature, then that can help.

One last note, death is also considered a catastrophic injury. It is, obviously, the worst of all injuries and results of an accident situation. This information is for education only and is not legal advice.