Careless drivers make many different types of poor decisions on the road, whether they ignore the speed limit, or they drive even though they are too tired (or intoxicated) to operate a vehicle properly. In the digital age, many people use their cell phones frequently and a lot of them like to take pictures to share with friends on social media. Unfortunately, some people do this while they are driving, whether they take a selfie behind the wheel or take a picture of something they see while driving, such as an accident or beautiful scenery. Sadly, this has led to many crashes.

Distracted driving is very dangerous, at high speeds and also when people are driving relatively slowly. A distracted driver may veer into another lane, run a stop sign, fail to stop before rear-ending a vehicle in front of them or behave erratically on the road in many other ways. Those who are paying attention to the road and driving responsibly may be unable to avoid a crash when they encounter a distracted driver, especially if they are unable to avoid a vehicle that is traveling toward them or they are driving around a sharp turn.

The potential risks that are associated with distracted driving can claim lives and cause severe injuries, and the victims of these wrecks should not wait to look into their possible legal options. Our law firm knows how many families have been devastated because of the consequences of a distracted driving accident, and we believe that the victims of these accidents deserve justice for their suffering.